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Innovate the guest experience while also streamlining operations

PayComplete enables large hotels and entertainment venues to provide great experiences for returning guests and operate more efficiently with a smaller workforce.

A rush to be ready as guests return, even though staff may not

Resorts, casinos, movie theaters, amusement parks, and other large-footprint destinations are experiencing a massive influx of guests returning after pandemic-related lockdowns. But staff aren’t returning as quickly, having been lured away by jobs in less-impacted industries. The solution is innovating the guest experience with new self-service options and flexible roles for a smaller workforce. At the same time, businesses need to maintain oversight and audit control, especially for cash-centric services.

PayComplete Connect: Unified transaction management for hospitality and leisure

The PayComplete Connect platform enables a wide range of businesses to develop new self-service options for previously staffed services, such as hotel check-in/check-out, key provisioning, ticket and pass sales, and other transactions. PayComplete also boosts operational efficiency and improves decision-making by unifying transactions and cash management into a single system, so you can manage everything in one place.

When combined with PayComplete devices, components, and services, Connect powers a wide range of solutions, including:

Unified transactions management

Create a unified system to manage, monitor, and oversee your self-service transactions at kiosks and other consumer devices as well as at smart safes and cash recyclers used by employees.

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RetailConnect Cash Assessment Recyclers

Cash Intelligence

Optimize your working capital by tracking how cash flows throughout your facility. Use till mix analysis to determine exactly how much cash needs to be where and when, so you can avoid unnecessary pools of underutilized cash.

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Connect Cash Assessment Professional Services

Connected vaults

Bring your cash stored in safes, vaults, or other offline locations into full online view and connect it with other cash sources for unified, comprehensive visibility.

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VaultConnect Recyclers Cash Assessment

Loss prevention

Minimize cash loss with out-of-the-box reports and analytical tools that pull data from your devices and enable reconciliation at the cashier, unit, or company level.

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RetailConnect Recyclers Professional Services

Multi-vendor device networks

Create a unified network of payment devices comprised of both PayComplete machines and those from third parties. Share data with your central system, so that you can monitor, manage, and maintain them remotely.

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Connect Integration Services Zero Touch Service


Connect Brochure

Connect puts oversight and management on a single pane of glass to unlock the power of unified transactions management.


Edge Kiosk

The latest pedestal is a touchscreen kiosk with a small footprint, designed to fit into most sized spaces.


POS Terminal

Take your point of sale experience to the next level with this contemporary, industrial-grade, POS terminal.


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