Professional Services

Drive business results from day one

PayComplete’s team of product and business experts work with you to optimize or manage your device deployments and cash operations.

Engage a team of experts to ensure top performance

Our professional services team is available to assist with many aspects of cash management at your business. From helping with device staging and configuration, to managing installations and related projects, to advising on cash operations, PayComplete is your trusted, expert partner.

Professional Services

Device staging

To assess readiness for installation and operation, our technical team fully tests your equipment in a staged, controlled environment before it arrives for deployment on your premises.

Device configuration

Our technical experts perform custom configuration of your devices to align with your processes and rules, as well as execute end user functionality. Services include system code installations, upgrades, and powering-on of products to test hardware and module functionality and software recognition.

Installation management

To maximize deployment speed and ensure a smooth, safe rollout, we handle end-to-end planning and management of your system installation — from site preparation to configuration to training.

Comprehensive cash assessment

Our business consultants assess your cash operations, including internal processes and workflows, to help you identify opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce cash management costs, and improve your bottom-line.

Project management

Whether you have one or hundreds of locations, our team manages your entire device deployment project, including site surveys, installation timelines, scheduling, verification of freight dispatches, stakeholder communications, and any other aspects of your project.

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