Transform your retail business in the new era of self-service

Consumer preferences are changing, and retail businesses need to offer greater speed and convenience than ever before. PayComplete provides innovative retail transaction solutions for a wide range of businesses.

A pandemic-driven shift to retail self-service

The coronavirus pandemic prompted consumers to favor self-service options that allow for social distancing, convenience, and speed. Self-service also benefits retailers by allowing them to refocus employees on higher-value activities. Transitioning to self-service, however, can be especially challenging for retailers who need to integrate and manage a network of disparate self-service devices.

PayComplete Connect: Unified transaction management for retail

The PayComplete Connect SaaS Platform is your springboard to retail innovation, enabling you to develop new self-service options that improve your customer experience, boost in-store efficiency, and make better decisions for your business. Integrate all aspects of your physical retail transactions — kiosks, self-service check-out, traditional POS, and cash recyclers — into a single system and manage everything in one place.

RetailConnect is a version of our platform designed specifically for merchants. When combined with PayComplete devices, components, and services, RetailConnect powers a wide range of merchant solutions, including:

Retail transactions management

Create a unified system to manage, monitor, and oversee your retail cash and transactions enterprise-wide, including those at smart safes, cash recyclers, self-checkout, and payment kiosks.

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RetailConnect Connect ConnectCube

New device deployment

Quickly build, deploy, manage, and support new retail devices and on-device applications tailored to your specific needs, no matter how unique or demanding, and at any scale.

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ConnectCube RetailConnect Integration Services

Loss prevention

Minimize cash loss with out-of-the-box reports and analytical tools that pull data from your devices and enable reconciliation at the cashier, unit, or company level.

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RetailConnect Cash Recyclers Professional Services

Connected vaults

Bring your cash stored in safes, vaults, or other offline locations into full online view and connect it with other cash sources for unified, comprehensive visibility.

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VaultConnect Cash Recyclers Retail Cash Assessment

Consumer coin redemption

Generate new revenue streams, improve customer service, and boost operational efficiency from one platform by creating a retail front-end coin redemption program.

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Coin Kiosks CoinCasher Maintenance Services

PayComplete supports merchants and manufacturers across the retail spectrum


Brick-and-mortar still accounts for 94% of retail, and consumers are demanding new transaction options, such as self-checkout, assisted checkout, self-service kiosks, pickup lockers for buy-online/pickup-in-store (BOPIS), and more.

PayComplete gives retailers the agility to test new checkout and pickup solutions, roll them out at scale, and manage them all centrally across diverse locations.

Quick Service Restaurants

Restaurant innovation is accelerating with new concepts, such as AI-enabled kitchens, drive-thru-only locations, pickup windows, curbside service, and more. This requires new transaction systems for seamless consumer experiences.

PayComplete enables restaurants to give patrons new options, such as ordering kiosks, while connecting existing systems and devices to a central management platform.


Convenience stores need to accommodate large volumes of cash transactions with the added complexity of 24×7 operating hours, high employee turnover, and consumer interactions that only last a few minutes.

PayComplete physically protects cash with smart safes and cash recyclers while also monitoring and reporting on both cash and user data across stores. Merchants can also connect legacy devices and disparate systems assembled from store acquisitions.


The grocery industry is no stranger to rapidly changing transactions trends, having embraced the use of self-checkout systems long ago. Grocery stores continue to find new ways to provide customers with convenient, safe, and frictionless transactions.

PayComplete keeps the grocery checkout experience fresh while streamlining the back-office. Merchants get better visibility into in-store cash, faster end-of-day close-outs, as well as easier management of staff changes and cashier lane counts. Retailer-owned connected consumer coin devices supplement coin inventory


For hotel guests and travelers, self-service has become the “new normal” in an industry known for its dedication to customer service.

PayComplete enables hospitality companies to deploy self-service technology solutions that allow guests and travelers to check-in, pay, and receive keys, tickets, or passes on devices that have been tailored to the specific context.


Cash is still king in casinos. It is distributed across a large facility footprint and at numerous workstations with different functions (bar, wait staff, gift shop, etc.) each with varying cash mix needs. Oversight and audit control can be challenging, especially amidst ever-changing rules and regulations.

PayComplete enables casinos to operate cash systems using configurable business rules, custom reports, and alerts. This helps to ensure efficient cash flow and distribution, as well as minimize loss while feeding recycler cash data directly to audit teams or general ledgers.

Cannabis Dispensaries

This new, cash-intensive industry faces strict oversight from federal and regulatory bodies. Dispensaries also need to manage high volumes of cash transactions and use offline safes while carefully tracking funds and minimizing shrinkage.

PayComplete deploys cash and coin recycling systems, smart safes, and self-ordering payment kiosks within dispensaries. Store operators can also connect POS systems to a central platform and validate both cash sales through POS and cash deposits, ensuring that any shortages are identified and flagged quickly.


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