Industry leading vending solution

With a range of advanced features for highest in-service time, the Vantage bill validator is an industry-leading vending machine solution. Robust and adaptable, Vantage enhances operator business by maximizing in-service time and profitability.


  • Illuminated 360° Smart Bezel™ improves purchasing experience; actively communicates bill acceptance in real-time for increased sales
  • Quick-release bezel speeds installation and removal, improving access while reducing service costs
  • Industry-leading security and water protection
  • Three levels of anti-stringing technology provide superior cheat resistance
  • Multiple interface types available: 110 VAC, 24 VAC, 34 volt DC, Pulse, Parallel, Vend Serial, and MDB

Core Benefits

RELIABLE + SECURE Innovative technologies enhance reliability and security

PROFITABILITY New features increase in-service time and revenue

SIMPLICITY Easy to install, service, and update