State of the art validation and performance

The first three-denomination banknote recycler with free-fall capabilities, the Bill-to-Bill STTM (stackerless) device offers easy upgrade capabilities from a single-note recycler to a full three-note recycler with escrow functionality.


  • State-of-the-art validation technology and top-tier performance
  • Top dispenser design gives a combined 26% (120 mm/500 mm) increase in working space above or below the unit
  • Supports up to three recycling cassettes, each holding up to 100 notes
  • Additional note-tracking sensors increase accuracy and reliability
  • Easy upgrade path from one-note recycler to full three-note recycler with escrow functionality for flexible solution
  • Faster troubleshooting and jam clearing

Core Benefits

SAVE TIME Highest operator efficiency

PROFITABILITY Fewer collection visits for improved uptime, reduced costs, and increased revenue

Future proof quick, easy modular upgrade path delivers valuable savings