Lower costs of transporting large volumes

Designed for flexibility and security, the OnRoad Coin Wagon is an ideal transport solution for large volumes of coin outside of regular cash center environments. With 160 mm wheels and a solid steel structure, this coin wagon delivers easy maneuvering and transit, even to remote locations.

Boost efficiency in processing large consignments due to the OnRoad Coin Wagon’s total compatibility with all coin handling equipment.


  • Secure transport solution for up to 35,000 coins
  • Fully compatible with existing coin lifts and conveyor systems
  • Coin wagons can be moved easily by a single employee
  • Multiple locking options for lid and casters
  • Easy handling in uneven terrain
  • Solid steel structure
  • Internal slip structure

Core Benefits

LOWER COSTS Reduce costs with decreased need for labor

GREATER EFFICIENCY Few armor vehicle stops required due to larger storage capacity

FEE OPTIMISATION Lower Fees thanks to the ability to immediately process wagons in cash centers