Easily integrated multifunctional contactless payment terminal

The P66 (The Plane) was created to be a cost efficient, multifunctional payment terminal for contactless and mobile transactions. Designed to the European Vending Association’s specifications, the P66 is a rugged terminal that integrates easily with current vending machines, making it less susceptible to vandalism than traditional build-on-top terminals. The stylish design of the P66 card reader has a professional and clean look. A version of the P66 can be placed behind a glass front for added security, making vandalism nearly impossible.


  • LAN, GPRS/3G, Ext. WiFi connectivity
  • MDB, CCI, Pulse, USB, RS 232
  • No wear-and-tear sensitive moving parts
  • Multiple SIM Card providers

Core Benefits

FREEDOM Choose your own banking solution

SIMPLE No need to manage bank contracts for transaction processing

CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE Remote software updates give you unlimited control from anywhere.