Merchant Services

Scale your business operations

PayComplete provides additional business services to merchants of all sizes, enabling them to leverage our enterprise scale and expertise.

Expand your operational capacity with financial and support services

We know that executing a transaction involves more than just functional devices and software. Our merchant services complement PayComplete’s core technology to ensure that you’re able to operate at a world class level when it comes to processing payments, preventing fraud, obtaining funds quickly, and providing customer support.

Merchant Services

Merchant of record

Designate PayComplete as your merchant of record for cashless transactions and leverage our large-scale relationships with banks and credit card companies.

Fraud monitoring and detection

Simplify your risk management processes by having PayComplete monitor thousands of simultaneous cashless transactions across your devices and identify signs of fraud.

Settlement of funds

Ensure that the full financial benefit of each transaction has been received and accounted for when PayComplete serves as your merchant of record.

Consumer support

Boost your frontline support services by having PayComplete field questions from consumers about their unattended transactions; we can provide expert troubleshooting and issue resolution.

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