Non-stop processing without compromising reliability

Our strong, compact active coin sorter combines speed and accuracy to process medium volumes of coin without compromising reliability and capability. ICX Active-9 is perfect for businesses that manage medium volumes of coins but need the outstanding features of the ICP Active-9.


  • Active Sorting® to allow the processing of endless variations of multi-coin, multi-token, or even multi-currency situations for the highest throughput and efficiency
  • Nine coin outlets plus one for rejection
  • Process speed of up to 2,700 coins per minute
  • 10 in. touchscreen user interface
  • Low power consumption
  • Either desktop or standalone solution
  • Three USB ports for accessories or peripherals
  • One ethernet port for networking
  • Additional input and output for accessories

Principal Benefits

DE-RISK TRANSACTIONS Superior coin identification to reject unwanted coins like other currencies, counterfeits, or tokens

SMART Intelligent coin processing including coin overflow

ZERO DOWNTIME Non-stop processing to guarantee maximum throughput without any downtime