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Deliver more services in more locations with less staff

As the number of staffed branches decreases, PayComplete provides self-service solutions that give banking customers more options. Cash management solutions improve branch operations and broaden treasury portfolios.

A need to improve customer service while reducing costs

Banks and other financial service providers are reducing the number of staffed locations, but they still need to deliver the same, or a greater, level of service — especially with the growing number of competitive alternatives. As a result, they are under pressure to provide self-service banking options that allow them to serve customers in more locations, and broaden treasury portfolios, without growing headcount.

PayComplete: Unified transaction management for financial services

PayComplete’s Connect Platform powers self-service solutions and branch efficiency for banks and financial service providers. Design and deploy innovative self-service devices, and then integrate them all into a single management system to streamline your back-office branch operations. With Connect, you can increase automation and provide greater customer service while boosting operational precision and margins.

When combined with PayComplete devices, components, and services, Connect powers a wide range of financial service provider solutions, including:

Self-service device networks

Design, deploy, and manage networks of innovative self-service devices that accept cash and coin deposits, expanding your service reach beyond territory covered by staffed branches.

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Coin Kiosks Connect Platform 4G Connectivity

In-branch consumer and commercial coin processing

In-branch consumer and commercial coin processing Operate coin processing devices in branches, so your consumers and commercial clients alike can deposit coin without needing to interact with tellers.

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Connect on-Device Coin Kiosks Maintenance & Support Services

Commercial cash deposits

Create more deposit options for your commercial banking customers by providing self-service, high-speed deposit safes that allow them to make deposits without involving branch staff (including after hours).

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Connect Smart Safes Zero Touch Service

Treasury program for commercial clients

Deploy treasury hardware and software solutions for commercial clients. Enable them to automate counting cash and coin, as well as gain centralized oversight, management, and access to smart safes and other deposit devices.

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RetailConnect Smart Safes Maintenance & Support Services


CDS-9R Brochure

The CDS-9R is the world's first self-service coin recycler for public use to optimize the cash management process.


Connect on-Device Brochure

The Connect on-Device hardware-independent machine operating system is the most technologically advanced option for powering applications on transactional devices.


RetailConnect Brochure

PayComplete enables companies across industries to manage and control physical financial transactions at IoT-enabled kiosks, self-checkout lanes, cash recyclers, smart safes and more with the precision and agility of digital commerce, innovating self-service experiences and operations for both consumers and employees.


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