High-end, durable and accessible

Designed to fit into most spaces, the Edge Kiosk is a touchscreen, pedestal-style kiosk with a small footprint. The kiosk boasts a 27-inch touchscreen LED LCD — ideal for enhancing a venue and engaging customers. Our kiosks use only industrial quality components to ensure longevity and maximum return on investment.

Pair the Edge Kiosk with a payment device, such as a self-checkout system, or augment it through the ConnectCube program. With ConnectCube, you can add deposit or recycling components, or use the software developer kit to build and implement custom applications.


  • Slim and contemporary design
  • Edge-lit translucent acrylic
  • Detailed transaction reports
  • Custom colors and lighting
  • Includes LED display feature
  • Optional custom artwork wrap for front panel

Core Benefits

FIT ANYWHERE Slim form factor designed to fit into most spaces

ENGAGING Large touchscreen display enhances a venue’s environment and provides an engaging customer experience

MAXIMUM ROI Industrial quality components ensure longevity and maximum return on investment