Mass Transit & Parking

Make journeys more convenient and operations more efficient

Whether by car, public transport, or new mobility service, PayComplete solutions improve traveler payment convenience throughout the journey. Service providers also benefit from greater operational efficiencies.

An urgent need to improve mobility payment experiences and operations

The mobility sector saw a slowdown in travel during the coronavirus pandemic, with customer volumes reduced across the leisure, business, and commute categories. Mobility operators have been under pressure to both re-engage passengers and service users, and create innovative solutions that help to support their tighter operating margins. Every type of operator, including bus, rail, ferry, parking, and even roadway toll collection, must find new ways to make the traveler experience fast, easy, and pleasant while keeping costs under control.

TransportConnect: Unified transaction management for mass transit and parking

The PayComplete Connect platform unifies all aspects of the payment journey for operators of transport and related services, as well as transit authorities. Connecting traveler transactions across channels with back-office reconciliation into a single management system, PayComplete enables transit operators to be more efficient and focused on service innovations.

PayComplete also helps build turnkey transit systems that deliver speed, accuracy and accountability. We work with a range of technology partners and service providers across the mobility, parking, and smart city domains.

Whether as part of a turnkey solution or deployed selectively, the elements of PayComplete’s Connect platform can support a wide range of operator and market requirements, including:

Digital transaction systems

Digitize all your transactions and payments — cashless, cash-based, or even cash-to-card — and get full visibility and accountability across your entire payments ecosystem. Deploy a complete sales infrastructure that covers all your payment channels, from kiosks to cashiers to on-vehicle drivers and conductors.

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TransportConnect Easy Charge Banknote Validators & Recyclers

Operational cash automation

Automate cash management for drivers, kiosks, ticket vending machines (TVMs), cashiers, and more. Prepare floats, secure collection, transfer funds to bank accounts, and use real-time data to improve management of shorts and overs, including getting alerts for action when needed.

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TransportConnect Recyclers Cash Deposit Systems

Multi-operator, multi-modal reconciliation and settlement

Track and manage each element of multi-operator, multi-modal, “mobility as a service” trips covered by a single transaction. Ensure that each operator gets appropriate credit and payment for the part of the trip on their network.

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Mass Transit & Parking Self-Service & Automats Integration Services

Core business innovation

Innovate and build something new on our platform to deliver services that are exactly right for your purpose. PayComplete becomes a development accelerator tool for you, or your chosen third-party OEM, to quickly deliver systems, solutions, kiosks, and applications. PayComplete frees you to innovate your mobility and smart city services.

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ConnectCube Integration Services Card Readers

Legacy device upgrade

PayComplete brings connectivity to legacy and/or new devices. Unify devices into a central service monitoring and management system without “'new build” cost and investment. Create virtual terminals to manage off-line devices or add intelligence to equipment already in the field.

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ConnectCube TransportConnect Zero Touch Service


ConnectCube Brochure

ConnectCube™ enables developers of transactional devices, such as kiosks, pay stations, and vending machines to rapidly and flexibly design and launch innovative solutions that meets complex and diverse customer demands.


UPT Cashless readers Brochure

The UPT Card Readers are one of the few cashless payment systems in its class that are certified, 4G Ready, and feature beautiful large full-color touch screens, providing an attractive interface with ultimate payment flexibility for your customers.


PayConnect Brochure

PayConnect™ is a complete program that for taking payment from customers via credit, debit, private schemes, and more in unattended transactions.


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