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PayComplete enables operators to create and deploy new mini-retail and self-service solutions anywhere using a wide range of connected components, devices, software, and services.

A demand for faster, easier ways of obtaining goods

Due to the busy pace of modern life, consumers are seeking fast access to snacks, headphones, wrinkle creams, or practically anything else while on the go. But old-style vending machines can’t meet expectations. Consumers want fresh, new options, including cashless payment. Operators want to deploy vending machines and automats in new locations, and manage them more efficiently with less manual intervention.

PayComplete: Unified transaction management for vending and automats

PayComplete’s Connect Platform opens the door to a wide range of innovative new vending formats that can engage consumers in new ways while providing easier oversight and management of your fleet. Design and deploy innovative self-service devices and integrate them all into a single management system. With Connect, you can innovate the customer experience of your vending or automat business while also boosting operational precision and margins.

When combined with PayComplete devices, components, and services, Connect powers a wide range of vending and automate solutions, including:

New device network development

Give your internal teams or OEM partners a rich set of tools to develop new vending devices and networks, increasing your rate of innovation and speed to market.

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ConnectCube Self-Service & Automats Merchant Services

Legacy device modernization

Upgrade your cash-only devices to accept a range of cashless payment options, such as contactless, mag stripe, and/or EMV, and modernize your customer experience while keeping your devices intact.

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ConnectCube Card Readers Cashless Payment Fraud & Detection

Legacy device networking

Leave your legacy devices and machines in place and make them all part of a networked system with centralized oversight and management. Take your legacy systems into the digital age without replacing anything.

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ConnectCube Cash Validation & Recycling Components Coin Validation & Recycling Components

Legacy device connectivity

Make your disconnected vending and automat devices instantly smart with a 4G connection that allows them to interact with networks for the first time, opening the door to new operational possibilities.

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Connect Platform Self-Service & Automats 4G Connectivity

Depot cash room automation

Deploy high-speed coin sorters and smart safes to process cash and coins for route operators. Enable fast and easy visibility into sales while also ensuring accurate reconciliation of cash collected.

More information:

TransportConnect Coin Sorters Smart Safes


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ConnectCube™ enables developers of transactional devices, such as kiosks, pay stations, and vending machines to rapidly and flexibly design and launch innovative solutions that meets complex and diverse customer demands.


UPT Cashless readers Brochure

The UPT Card Readers are one of the few cashless payment systems in its class that are certified, 4G Ready, and feature beautiful large full-color touch screens, providing an attractive interface with ultimate payment flexibility for your customers.


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transactionsThe demands on merchants to accept digital payments from consumers during unattended transactions are increasing, as are the complexities of making this happen.


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