Easy to install, combining high capacity with high performance

Using innovative electronics and durable construction, the Flow Hopper includes a through-hole component that delivers reliable results over time.


  • Small, compact and easy to install
  • Effective security measures, including anti-theft metal plates and top-of-the-line firmware
  • Accepts coins of diameters between 18 and 31 mm and thicknesses between 1.5 and 3.2 mm (all Euro coins other than 1c)
  • ccTalk or parallel versions, with universal disc for 50 c, 1 €, 2 € Euro coins
  • Dual Hopper version equipped with an additional sensor for measuring the coin diameter and ccTalk controls for mixed coin payout
  • “Sun & Planet” gearbox allows for optimal operation with minimal consumption
  • Auto-reverse system to protect against accidental jams

Core Benefits

SECURE Robust security measures builds customer and user confidence and trust

PROFITABILITY State-of-the-art mechanics delivers high level operation, reducing downtime and increasing revenue

DURABLE & FLEXIBLE Coin Acceptance capabilities and durable construction make the Cube Hopper a flexible option for coin machines