Digital payments made easy across unattended devices

PayConnect is a complete solution for taking customer payments via credit, debit card, private scheme and more.

Meet customer demand for digital Payments

When using a vending machine, kiosk, or other unattended device, your customers expect to be offered the option to pay digitally. PayConnect powers end-to-end digital transactions on unattended devices, making it easy for you to deploy and manage payment infrastructure enterprise-wide. PayConnect is made up of an integrated and purpose-built combination of our SaaS management platform, diverse transaction devices, and powerful value-added services.

Key Features

Management portal

Monitor sales and chargebacks across unattended devices, adjust surcharge rates, check device health and perform other analysis and managerial functions.

Transactions processing

Manage and process digital transactions end to end, from accepting credit or debit cards, private schemes and more, through the highest levels of fraud detection, to the settlement of funds.

Full range of services

Take advantage of PayConnects full range of related services to ensure the success of digital transactions, inclusive of end user-facing support and serving as the merchant of record for transactions

Purpose-built devices

Choose from a wide set of device options, such as card readers and terminals. Each is specifically engineered for unattended transactions — not just generic payment technology repurposed from other applications.


Flexibility to customize

Our SaaS platform allows you to create any transaction experience and support any digital payment type and device.


End-to-end efficiency

A full range of services means you don’t need to stitch together solutions from disparate vendors.

Reliable performance

Robust SaaS infrastructure and a large-scale merchant-of-record account enable market-leading card acceptance.

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