Maintenance & Support Services

Keep transactions flowing smoothly across your fleet

PayComplete’s team of experts is ready to solve any technical issue that may arise to keep your devices and software operating at peak performance.

Get world-class technical expertise when you need it most

PayComplete has the world’s best team of maintenance and support professionals for transactional systems. Whether you need physical device repair and maintenance, or remote diagnostics and management, our engineers can quickly address your needs with market-leading resolution timeframes, fixed rates, and service quality.

Maintenance & Support Services

First- and second-level support

Using our software tools, our support teams are able to troubleshoot and resolve common issues remotely; more complex challenges often require on-site visits.

Global market support

When third-level support is needed, our global market support team is ready to address the truly unexpected. They work directly with trained technicians around the globe who provide deep diagnosis and intervention services.

Third-party maintenance

Because third-party devices may play a critical role in your transactional ecosystem, our service team provides installation, upgrade, repair, and preventative maintenance for any device, whether built by PayComplete or another provider.

Zero Touch Service (ZTS)

ZTS makes it possible for your service team (or ours) to remotely manage your transactional systems running Connect on-Device software, including provisioning, configuration, software updates, and troubleshooting.

Depot repair

Our service team removes transactional devices from your environment and repairs individual components or the entire device system. We do repairs at dedicated depots, to protect device investment, reduce downtime, and maximize useful life.

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