Simplify processes and reduce inefficiencies

The DTC series features our ultimate coin sorters with proven sensor technology for reliable and modern cash processing.


  • Touchscreen display and keypad for easy operation
  • Proven sensor technology
  • Reliable and versatile design
  • DTC-1 sorts and counts one denomination; DTC-6 sorts and counts six denominations; DTC-9 sorts and counts nine denomination
  • Optional second solenoid to separate a second currency or tokens
  • Heavy-duty coin sorter counts up to 520 coins per minute
  • Foreign coin detection
  • Multiple sorting options
  • Serial port for connecting a PC or printer
  • USB port for firmware updating (USB flash memory)
  • ERO integration
  • Report generation

Core Benefits

CONSOLIDATE Automated reconilation simplifies back office processes and reduces inefficiencies.

CONTROL Gain total visibility and control over financial systems

DE-RISK Proven sensor technology identifies coins and rejects suspect counterfeit coins