Integrate all points of cash from your storefront to the back office

The RetailConnect module enables you to streamline cash management in real time across your retail operations.

RetailConnect Drawing

Simplify cash management across your retail enterprise

Cash payments comprise nearly 40% of retail transactions and cost up to 15% of transaction value to manage. The RetailConnect module streamlines and optimizes all aspects of cash operations in a PCI-compliant, cloud environment. The platform features an intuitive user interface and the flexibility to make robust connections via an open REST API. RetailConnect™ integrates with all PayComplete™ hardware and compatible third-party machines.

Key Features

Cash systems management
Cash systems management

Remotely configure, update, monitor, troubleshoot, and manage all cash, users, and machines involved in unattended transactions.

Cash orchestration

Monitor and control the access to, and movement of, cash throughout your retail environment, setting limits and controls, triggering alerts, and blocking further activity where needed.

Cash reconciliation

Power reconciliation of net cash position with cash sales, deposits, and dispenses, conducted at the level of individual cashiers, line/manager, or store-wide.

Cash analytics
Cash analytics

Build rich visualizations of cash-related KPIs using configurable templates and present them at multiple levels per a schedule or ad hoc queries.


More visibility

More visibility, better decisions

Create dashboards for transactions, user activity, cash position, device health and more.

Fast accurate

Fast, accurate reconciliation

Automate the process of reconciling net cash position with cash sales, deposits, and dispenses.

Lower cost

Lower costs and risk

Orchestrate movement of cash across the enterprise, including limiting cash out and user access.

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