Easy to install, combining high capacity with high performance

With its belt drive system, the Evolution Hopper is a high-performing, easy-to-maintain system that is suitable for up to 95% of the world’s coins and tokens without requiring an adjustment. The combination of DC motor and electronic motor control board delivers a quiet, reduced friction performance.


  • Offers high capacity, accepting up to 1,100 coins (>23 mm) and offers different coin sizes: 16.25 – 20.9 mm, 19 – 26.4 mm (Euro Hopper), 21 –30 mm
  • Built-in agitator prevents coin jams
  • High payout speed of up to four coins per second
  • Provides both low- and high-level sensing

Core Benefits

EASY INSTALLATION Modular design and efficient system create an easy installation process

REVENUE OPTIMISATION Increases revenue with its high capacity and coin jam-preventing mechanics

LEADING UX Quick and reliable payout delivers consistent user experience