Accelerate development and deployment of smart payment solutions

To stay competitive, system integrators (SIs) and device OEMs must move faster, be more creative, and build smarter devices to keep their customers happy. But OEM and SI developers can’t accomplish this entirely on their own; they need to leverage powerful, turn-key technologies — both hardware and software — that allow them to focus their efforts on building competitive differentiation for their company.

With embeddable hardware and software components, PayComplete enables OEMs and system builders to rapidly develop and deploy smart, connected transactional devices.

Introducing Connect for OEM’s and System Builders

We offer everything that a system builder needs to accelerate product development and bring next-generation devices to market. Our Connect Platform is a development accelerator, designed around the needs of modern SIs that want to focus on user experiences, not just back-end development.

Our components are your building blocks for developing high-performing devices and machines. Our software is deployable both on-device and in the cloud, delivering the backbone of your network of smart, connected devices. Furthermore we also deliver wraparound support that developers and integrators need to ensure success.

Unified software and hardware solutions

When combined with PayComplete devices, components, and services, Connect powers a wide range of solutions, including:

Empowering OEMs to meet and exceed a wide range of Industry needs


RetailConnect Brochure

RetailConnect Brochure

PayComplete Connect is a fintech IoT platform made up of an adaptable set of SaaS and machine software, intelligent devices, and professional, technical, and merchant services.

RCS-700 Brochure

RCS-700 Brochure

Continuous High-Speed Deposit Eliminate downtime spent waiting for batches to process.

RCS-Active Brochure

RCS-Active Brochure

The future of cash means businesses have scrutinize every area of the enterprise where they can save costs and be more operationally efficient.

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