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Accelerate smart payment device development and deployment

With embeddable hardware and software components, PayComplete enables OEMs and system builders to rapidly develop and deploy smart, connected transactional devices.

A growing demand for innovative and smarter transactional devices

To stay competitive, system integrators (SIs) and device OEMs must move faster, be more creative, and build smarter devices to keep their customers happy. But OEM and SI developers can’t accomplish this entirely on their own; they need to leverage powerful, turn-key technologies — both hardware and software — that allow them to focus their efforts on building competitive differentiation for their company.

PayComplete: Embeddable transactional technology

PayComplete offers everything that a system builder needs to accelerate product development and bring next-generation devices to market. PayComplete’s Connect Platform is a development accelerator, designed around the needs of modern SIs that want to focus on user experiences, not back-end development.

PayComplete components are your building blocks for developing high-performing devices and machines. PayComplete software is deployable both on-device and in the cloud, comprising the backbone of your network of smart, connected devices. PayComplete also delivers the support developers and integrators need to ensure success.

PayComplete’s technology for OEMs and system builders includes:

ConnectCube: System Core

PayComplete’s ConnectCube is the hub for over 1,500 digital payments components (not only from PayComplete, but also from other world class manufacturers). Coin validators, bill validators, printers, barcode readers, and many other components become instantly ready for incorporation into any kind of self-service, cash management, or general payments device.

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ConnectCube Connect on-Device Professional Services

Connect on-Device: Development Acceleration

PayComplete’s Connect-on-Device is a proven accelerator for the development of transactional payment systems. Solution builders can focus on UI/UX, with PayComplete taking care of all transactional payments, including cash, card, smart devices, and more, making development of smart, intelligent systems for automated customer service fast and efficient.

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Connect on-Device Connect Professional Services

Physical Payment Devices

PayComplete is the leading supplier of physical cash payment devices for the systems builder, integrator, and OEM sector. Collecting and validating cash, and delivering change to the customer, can be critical for the operation of any self-service device. PayComplete has a long history of delivering cost-effective, accurate, and secure solutions for anything from in-store self-checkout to on-street parking.

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Banknote Validators & Recyclers Coin Validators & Recyclers Hoppers

Digital Payment Peripherals

To meet the growing consumer preference for cashless, self-service transactions, PayComplete can enable payments by both open loop/bank card and closed loop/private card methods in a variety of payment devices.

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Card Readers Connect RetailConnect

UI Peripherals

Acting as a key partner for system integrations, PayComplete offers a range of user interface peripherals to complete the design and build of a modern payment terminal. PayComplete partners with market-leading vendors of touchscreens, barcode readers, printers, and power supplies.

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Connect on-Device Professional Services

PayComplete empowers device OEMs to meet a wide range of industry needs:


Create efficient ticketing transactions, automate reconciliation of collected cash with tickets sold, and monitor and manage device and user activity across ticketing networks.


Build convenient self-service parking kiosks that accept cash and cashless payments, automate reconciliation of cash receipts, and monitor and manage device and user activity across ticketing networks.


Give retailers the agility to test new checkout and pickup solutions, roll them out at scale, and manage them all centrally across diverse locations.


Enable hospitality companies to deploy innovative self-service systems and increase the agility of staff by allowing them to quickly shift roles and workstations. Ensure that businesses can still maintain centralized oversight and control.

Food service

Help restaurants give patrons new ordering and food delivery options, such as self-serve kiosks, while connecting existing systems and devices to a central management platform.


TransportConnect Brochure

TransportConnect™ puts oversight and management on a single pane of glass to unlock the power of unified cash management.


ConnectCube Brochure

ConnectCube™ enables developers of transactional devices, such as kiosks, pay stations, and vending machines to rapidly and flexibly design and launch innovative solutions that meets complex and diverse customer demands.


UPT Cashless Readers Brochure

The UPT Card Readers are one of the few cashless payment systems in its class that are certified, 4G Ready, and feature beautiful large full-color touch screens, providing an attractive interface with ultimate payment flexibility for your customers.


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