Deploy transactional devices with speed and flexibility

The Connect on-Device machine software is the most technologically advanced option for powering applications on transactional devices.

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Create a wide range of transaction experiences on nearly any device

Companies need to quickly create and deploy transactional experiences across a fleet of devices or machines, such as self-checkout stations, kiosks, transportation ticketing, ATMs, cash recyclers, and more. The Connect on-Device machine software streamlines this process while ensuring performance and reliability of applications in the field. It comes with a large and diverse set of pre-built applications for faster deployment, or you can build your own custom applications to suit your unique business needs.

Key Features

Built-in apps

Choose from over 50 pre-built applications for a wide variety of customer interactions and devices.

Configurable themes
Configurable themes

Customize pre-built applications with your logos, colors, screen elements, and other aspects of the user interface to give your users a consistent brand experience.

App developers kit

Use a software development kit (SDK) to build custom applications in Java or Javascript, deliver almost any user experience, and integrate with other back-end systems.

Hardware agnostic development
Hardware-agnostic development

Use Connect on-Device with both PayComplete and third-party device hardware, and take advantage of maximum flexibility in device choice configuration.


Design flexibility

Over 50 pre-built, configurable applications plus a developer toolkit for custom builds can meet any need.

Faster deployment

Purpose-built, payments and cash-optimized architecture is ready-to-go and easy for developers to integrate and implement simply.

More hardware options

More hardware options

Works with PayComplete or third-party devices, runs on Windows or Linux, and is built in Java for portability.

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