Multiple currency counting simplicity

The SC-8220VC, a 1+1 pocket value and multi-currency counter, makes cash handling easy and secure with two options to count and sort multiple currencies.


  • Preset of around 20 currencies
  • Currency count and verification plus multi-currency handling
  • Multi-mode: Accepts different currencies in a single operation, then provides a total note count detailing the various currencies counted
  • Auto mode: Identifies the currency of the first note in the bundle and switches to that currency mode, counting only notes from the same currency and rejecting any others; when the pockets are empty, the machine switches back to Auto mode until the note next note is accepted
  • Patented UV-LED bar for manual authentication of bad notes
  • Integration and backward compatibility
  • Features Front access for easy updates

Core Benefits

EASY TO OPERATE Full flexibility for the distributor with minimal effort

FLEXIBILITY Multiple currency counting and sorting options

AUTOMATION Reduce manual cash handling and get full control of cash