Simple, elegant and secure

Secure and easy to move, the SC-93400 coin wagon provides an easy coin transportation solution. The SC-93400 offers noise reduction and can be connected to the SC-93365 coin lift, the SC-93770 coin conveyor system, or the MLC SC-95800.

Lockable version available.


  • Solid wheels and a handle
  • Transparent plexiglass cover can be sealed
  • Noise reduction
  • Lockable version available
  • Handles large volumes of coin
  • Quiet and easy to move
  • Provides protection and security for storage and transportation
  • Saves significant time and costs in the sorting and packaging processes.

Core Benefits

SIMPLICITY Provide simple and streamlined solutions for banks and cit centers

EASE of OPERATIONS Provide easy operational solutions for transport companies

ELEGANT & SECURE Give businesses the perfect solution for high security and ergonomic demands