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Coin lifts allow a cash center, mint, or coin processing operation to load large quantities of coin from a central container into a processing machine. PayComplete’s reliable hardware is easy to maintain and accelerates coin processing operations, allowing operators to increase efficiency while maintaining occupational safety and health.

A complete solution: devices, software, and services

Cash center operators can take advantage of comprehensive machine servicing software that enables service engineers to maintain throughput and keep machines running smoothly.

SC-93420 and SC-93500 Coin Lifts

SC-93420 and SC-93500 Coin Lifts

The durable and safety-conscious design of the 92420 and 93500 Coin Lifts make these machines easy to service and transport, with flights constructed of wear-resistant stainless steel and a transparent plastic cover protecting coins.

SC-93365 Coin Lift

Coin lifts for feeding large volumes of loose coins from a hopper to any kind of coin sorting, coin counting or coin packaging machine. The SC-93365 coin lift offers the same durability and ease-of-use as the SC-93420 but without the hopper. The SC-93365 utilizes coin wagons, which allows the machine to process large volumes of coins.

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