PayComplete's Zero Touch Service

Manage your multi-vendor hardware remotely on one unified service platform

Zero Touch Service enables you to remotely deploy machine configurations, manage and monitor machine health, and provide proactive service across your entire fleet.

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Optimize fleet management and service from anywhere

It can be costly, and sometimes impossible, to deploy service personnel to each and every device in the field. The Zero Touch Service platform makes it easy to keep your entire fleet or machines running smoothly without stepping out of the office. The platform enables you to remotely provision and configure new devices (individually or in groups), as well as monitor their usage and health. When issues arise, you can access information and perform some functions remotely to help you quickly troubleshoot the situation.

Key Features

Comprehensive monitoring

Configure Smart Alerts for notification of events or conditions, and integrate with service management tools to improve response times.

Remote configuration

Use Connect Studio to create device- and customer-specific configuration templates, then deploy them to a single device or group of devices based on an event or schedule.

Remote troubleshooting

View critical health status and historical events for each device. Retrieve, view and download system logs to aid in triaging and diagnostics. Execute remote commands to reset components or restart the device.

Remote software upgrades

Create software update packages for scheduled deployment to a single device or group of devices.

Interactive resolvers

Use ConnectResolver Studio to develop interactive resolvers that can be deployed to any machine. Resolvers can be generic (by device type) or custom (by customer need).


More efficient operations

Optimize your service operations and only deploy personnel to the field when absolutely needed.

Reduced device downtime

Troubleshoot common issues quickly and easily for multiple devices without the delay of on-site visits.

Better fleet management

Keep existing devices running in optimum health and grow your fleet with less effort.

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