All the essential functions needed for vending installations

The WorldKey system handles multiple sales and identification applications via a single, secure RFID support. It uses the MIFARE® technology platform, delivering exceptional safety standards and ease of management. The WorldKey Lite is the entry level option in the WorldKey product range, providing all the essential functions needed for vending installations.


  • System includes one CPU unit and a reading device connected by a “smart” coaxial cable (patent pending)
  • CPU equipped with micro USB port for connection to the PC (or for piloting an external device) and to universal hand-held programming device
  • Executive master/slave
  • MDB master/ slave
  • BDV master/slave
  • Cards/keys/tags identification upon first insertion into the CPU
  • Connect with WiFi module for audit data

Core Benefits

POWERFUL ESSENTIALS Entry-Level WorldKey solution with all the essentials for vending installations