Programmable, accurate and cost effective

The SC-98600 Sachet Checkweigher provides a high degree of accuracy and confidence with its flexible, programmable sachet rejection process that checks sachets for bad weights and automatically rejects them.

This adaptable system can be combined with loose coin lifts and bulk-bagging units for a complete coin handling solution.


  • Handles sachets up to100 mm wide and 150 mm long
  • Available in 1- to 4-line configuration
  • Can be used with speeds up to 70-75 sachets per minute
  • Scans and checks all sachets for incorrect weights and automatically rejects those outside the preset tolerance window.

Core Benefits

COST-EFFECTIVE Provides an accurate, cost-effective solution for handling large amounts of coin

Programmable to meet your coin handling needs

FEE-OPTIMISATION Reduce bank charges for handling and bagging loose cash