Easy integration, total security

The RM5 HD delivers industry-leading counterfeit money detection along with a sophisticated HD system. Ideal for entertainment devices or dispensers, this versatile coin machine can easily be integrated into existing machines to deliver quick, reliable service for users


  • HD high-discrimination system based on 10 different parameters regarding frequency, dimensions, and phase
  • Five-sensor identification technology
  • Three inductive sensors
  • One optical sensor
  • One magnetic sensor
  • High acceptance speed: up to six coins per second
  • Advanced electronic and mechanical anti-fraud system
  • Electronic anti-fishing device
  • Coin movement direction detection
  • Three mechanical traps, and wire cutting blade
  • Indicator LED

Core Benefits

TOTAL SECURITY Market leading Anti-fraud measures provide security for operators and users alike

RELIABLE Quick reliable payout delivers consistent user experience

FUTURE PROOF Streamlined integration into existing machines offers easy upgrades