Integrate offline vaults into a unified view of cash

VaultConnect brings cash stored in safes, vaults, or other offline locations into full view and unifies them with cash-related data.

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Connect offline repositories with other cash sources to improve operations

Cash sitting in offline repositories is normally safe, but invisible. VaultConnect allows you to connect safes and vaults, and other cash stores with cash-related data, while also enabling you to produce and manage tills for start- and end-of-day operations. Simply enter deposit and withdrawal information for vaults into any PayComplete-enabled device, and then access the data in the same way as you would with recycler and smart safe data. VaultConnect helps you clarify cash positions and maximize cash productivity by supporting the daily operations of your business.

Key Features

Comprehensive cash reporting

Develop trust with your cash data; use VaultConnect as standalone software or with a cash deposit or recycling system.

Virtual recycling software
Virtual recycling software

Transform the start and end of every shift by creating and managing employee till mixes with VaultConnect.

Virtual safe software

Keep information safe with faster cash counting and reconciliation of vault funds, as well as storage of all logged data in the cloud.

Open architecture
Open architecture

Connect to third-party systems and track the movement of funds between the vault and the cash recycler.


Cash accountability

Cash accountability

Remove the burden and risk of managing cash levels using spreadsheets, paper notes, or memory.

Cash efficiency

Cash efficiency

Create virtual recycling functions and optimize frontline cash and treasury activities.

Cash visibility

Access a complete picture of cash at the store level and across the enterprise, including offline flows.

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