Future proof cash recycling

Ideal for fare collection, Bill-to-Bill TD™ Top Dispenser recycles up to three denominations and dispenses multiple banknotes in one operation. This device offers a great choice of bezels and easy firmware updates via memory card or host.


  • 98% + first-time insertion acceptance rate
  • Includes up to three recycling cassettes that hold up to 100 notes each
  • Multi-escrow up to 20 bills
  • Dispenses up to 20 banknotes
  • Cash capacity of up to 600/1,000 banknotes
  • Optional RFID on bankbox
  • CCNET protocol allows for easy, remote online download

Core Benefits

GREAT UX Device accuracy and reliability support user experience and build customer trust

Future proof quick, easy update options via CCNET protocol

PROFITABILITY Fewer collection visits improve uptime, reduce costs, and increase revenue