High speed, high capacity, connected cash recycling

The RCS-700 couples high-speed efficiency with large storage capacity, so operators always have the right amount and denominations of cash on hand. Smart sensors reduce costly, disruptive maintenance and downtime, allowing operators to focus on other high-priority areas of their business.


  • Continuous high-speed deposit (10 notes/second)
  • Increased lifespan of 15M notes
  • Superior jam prevention for higher machine uptime
  • Customizable cassette configurations
  • High note and total recycling capacity
  • Smart LED machine status indicator
  • Built-in drop safe
  • POS, CIT, and ERP integration
  • Includes the industry-leading Connect on-Device™ cash management machine operating system
  • Part of the PayComplete™ Connect platform

Core Benefits

HIGH SPEED PROCESSING Eliminates downtime while waiting for batches to process to facilitate fast checkout

High Capacity Large storage capacity minimizes unnecessary vault transactions

EFFICIENCY GAINS Improve overall efficiency and ROI for CIT pickups