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Modernize your cash processing operations

PayComplete transforms how coins move through large cash processing operations, increasing precision and efficiency, boosting recirculation, and lowering minting costs.

A drive to bring cash processing into the digital age

Despite the rise of digital transactions, cash isn’t going anywhere. However, today’s cash centers and mints still need digital solutions to help them manage cash and coin. The relentless drive for greater efficiency, lower costs, and increased recirculation is creating a hunger for automation and data to power better decision-making.

PayComplete: Unified coin processing for cash centers and mints

PayComplete’s Connect Platform provides an automated, integrated, and centralized approach to cash management for cash centers and mints. Automate your core cash processing with innovative and ergonomic devices while connecting each device into a single processing system. With our cash center systems, you can decrease costs, increase security, and reduce human error, as well as achieve data-driven optimization and lean productivity.

When combined with PayComplete devices, components, and services, Connect powers a wide range of cash processing solutions, including:

Coin throughput maximizer

Deploy cutting-edge coin handling devices, connect them to a central management system, monitor them to identify problems, and rectify any issues — all of which maximizes throughput and lowers costs.

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Coin Counters & Sorters Coin Lifts Maintenance & Support

Custom cash center deployment

Leverage the skills and experience of market experts to design and deploy full coin processing systems within the unique physical limits and operational needs of your cash center or mint.

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Coin Counters & Sorters Sachet Machines & Accessories Checkweighers

Multi-vendor device networks

Create a unified coin processing network comprised of both PayComplete machines and those from third parties, all sharing data with your central system, so that you can monitor, manage, and maintain them remotely.

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Coin Counters & Sorters Coin Wagons Professional Services

Citizen-facing coin kiosks

Design, deploy, and support a network of unattended, connected kiosks that citizens can use without human interaction to both deposit and withdraw coins, increasing coin recycling and reducing the need to mint new coins.

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Coin Kiosks Connect on-Device Maintenance & Support


ICP Active-9 Brochure

The ICP Active-9 high speed coin sorter incorporates unique Active Sorting® coin processing technology and advanced sensor control.


Coin Handling Equipment Brochure

PayComplete’s range of products for large-scale coin processing gives cash centers, mints, banks, and cash-in-transit providers everything they need to optimize their operations.


Coin Sachet System Brochure

The Coin Sachet System, together with the range of options and systems integrated solutions ensures that you achieve an accurate, secure and cost effective method of packaging large amounts of coins.


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