Customizable and connected

PayComplete’s cash deposit systems enable coin deposit and value redemption, providing fast and accurate counting of coins along with transaction data capture and processing. As a consumer service, cash deposit systems allow retailers to create a new revenue source and banks to offer value added services to their customers. Transportation companies also use our cash deposit systems to quickly count and secure funds from bus or metro operators at the close of their shift.

A complete solution: devices, software, and services

Operators can customize the cash deposit system UI to fit any market application and user flow, adding their own themes, branding, and on-device advertising. When used with PayComplete’s Connect or related modules (e.g. RetailConnect and TransportConnect), this multi-purposed device can both attend to consumer needs and reconcile business operations while transmitting transaction data and fill levels to the Connect dashboard.

CDS-9L Coin Kiosk

CDS-9L Cash Deposit System

We created the CDS-9L for cost-conscious businesses that want the advantages of our award-winning CDS-9. The CDS-9L devices are front access and non-escrow, and they run on Connect on-Device software.

CDS-9 Coin Kiosk

CDS-9 Cash Deposit System

The CDS-9 enables complete automation of coin deposit and note recycling, allowing fast returns through increased efficiency, staff savings, and improved cash flow.

CDS-9R Coin Recycling Kiosk

CDS-9R Cash Deposit System

The CDS-9R is the world’s first self-service coin recycler for public use to optimize the cash management process.

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