Ultimate payment flexibility combined with powerful reporting

The UPT Card Readers are certified, 4G Ready, and feature beautiful, large, full color touchscreens, providing an attractive interface with ultimate payment flexibility for your customers. The UPT Card Readers can even accept and integrate with campus card systems in addition to digital, EMV contact and contactless payment cards. Built-in 4G telemeters report machine health data to management systems.


  • Large, color, capacitive touchscreen (pin on touch capable)
  • Mono speaker for prompts and alerts
  • Built-in 4G modem with fallback
  • Includes Ethernet, USB, RS232 ports; MDB & DEX; and Bluetooth
  • Accepts contactless and mobile payments as well as Magnetic stripe, chip, and contactless cards
  • Integrates with bill validators in any self-service environment (UPT-B card reader only)

Core Benefits

REAL TIME DATA Business insight and intelligence anytime

SEAMLESS REPORTING Receive daily activity reports to track sales

INSTANT ALERTS Get instant notifications when a terminal goes inactive