Programmable, accurate and cost effective

Sachet machines are used by cash centers and mints to create standard bags of coin and “sachets” of small coin bags strung together. PayComplete machines are highly configurable to the business and market requirements for bagging and sachet creation. Our machines are a part of a well-rounded coin operation that efficiently prepares coin to leave the cash center and recirculate in the economy.

A complete solution: devices, software, and services

Cash center operators can take advantage of comprehensive machine servicing software that enables service engineers to maintain throughput and keep machines running smoothly.

SC-98600 Sachet Checkweigher

SC-98600 Sachet Checkweigher

The SC-98600 Sachet Checkweigher provides a high degree of accuracy and confidence with its flexible, programmable sachet rejection process that checks sachets for bad weights and automatically rejects them.

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