Customers in all industries are demanding convenient, adaptable self-service options. Meeting this demand requires a diverse range of transactional, payment and cash management devices. The PayComplete Connect Platform unifies reporting and management across all transactional devices, including POS, self-checkout, ATMs, and kiosks. The flexibility of the PayComplete Connect Platform allows for a single IoT cloud-based enterprise layer, thus unifying the management of devices, payments, users and data, thereby streamlining operations and providing deeper analytical insights so companies can innovate rapidly and scale confidently.

  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Banking
  • OEM

Unified Financial Transaction Management

Enabling Connected Retail Experiences

The PayComplete Connect Platform enables retailers to combine all their transactional systems such as kiosks, self-service check-out, traditional POS, and cash recyclers into a single management system. The platform is device-agnostic, so retailers can keep using the devices they have, and plug in new devices from any new make or model. Retailers can then use the platform to orchestrate actions across all their devices. The Connect platform makes the hardware transparent – one system to manage data, users, devices, payments and transaction experiences.

Extended Consumer Experiences.

Connected Transportation Solutions

The PayComplete Connect Platform makes it easy for transportation providers to set up or expand networks of kiosks, ticketing terminals, cash management equipment and other self-service devices. Transportation companies that adopt Connect can scale with confidence using a single, open platform to create a connected experience for travelers. Companies can use the platform too quickly and easily build integrations between systems and devices, and even build their own apps to serve up customized user experiences, while still remaining on a single platform.

Better Banking Experiences

Multi-use Banking Platforms and Technologies

The PayComplete Connect Platform helps banks be dynamic in serving customers. Banks don’t need to be limited by antiquated internal software systems when seeking to deploy new options for interacting with customers, or fear the investment will be too great and the devices will have a short relevant lifespan. The platform gives banks the flexibility to create and modify service devices and technologies while unifying control and oversight.

Intelligent, Connected, Self Service Devices

An Enablement Platform Design for System Builders

The PayComplete Connect Platform empowers OEMs to create purpose-built devices at scale, while still allowing for full customization of user apps on that same platform. OEMs can thus go to market quickly, competitively, yet with full flexibility. By leveraging the Connect Platform, OEMs can meet industry-specific needs, not just at the device level, but also by providing a comprehensive transaction reporting and device management solution. OEMs become not just providers of individual products to their buyers, but partners in value creation.

Fintech IoT

Connect Platform


Flexible & Customizable.

Our Devices

  • Self Service
  • Recyclers
  • Deposit Systems
  • Smart Safes
  • Cash Centers
  • OEM

Innovative Devices for Self Service

Deploy innovative self-service devices to improve customer experience with PayComplete™ enabled kiosks, vending and ticketing devices

PayComplete’s enabled self service devices are market-leading, all-in-one devices designed to create compelling customer experiences. PayComplete provides a variety of formats, including kiosks, vending machines, ticketing devices and more, assembled from best-in-class hardware and software components. Devices can be customized as needed to meet the specific needs of each deployment.

Industry Leading Recyclers

Improve working capital and reduce cash-on-hand with PayComplete™ recycling solutions.

PayComplete recyclers feature the most comprehensive on-device and cloud cash management solution with RetailConnect™, providing a completely integrated experience with full-visibility and control of your cash-on-hand. Transform cash handling into smart cash management and enhance your business at all levels.

Next Generation Multi-Use Cash Devices

Transform your retail front-end with PayComplete™ deposit systems.

The PayComplete Coin Solutions is a best-in-class consumer coin solution for bulk coin deposit, featuring optional deposit or recycler note sidecars and boasting the highest reliability and uptime in the market with our proprietary automatic coin cleaning system. PayComplete offers the industry’s only hybrid device that recycles coins deposited by customers into retail tills, cutting CIT expenses, reducing till count labor costs, and eliminating back-office cash room operations.

High Speed Intelligent Smart Safes

Optimize your cash handling to eliminate errors, shrinkage, and time waste with PayComplete ™ smart safes.

PayComplete’s smart safes process deposits quickly and accurately while keeping your cash safe. It’s the ideal solution for large cash volume retailers and businesses where security and process optimization matter the most.

Industry Leading Cash Center Solutions

Ensure efficiency and accuracy of cash collection and counting with PayComplete™ cash center solutions.

PayComplete’s cash center solutions are built using leading-edge sensor technology to create precision in coin processing, providing the basis for better production control. PayComplete offers a wide range of packaging equipment, enabling robust, tailored solutions and fully automatic lines.

Solution Enablement for System Builders

Create purpose-built devices to execute custom tasks using PayComplete™ ConnectCube.

OEM manufacturers of custom transaction devices can incorporate PayComplete’s cutting-edge components into their purpose-built designs. PayComplete’s ConnectCube is the hub around which over 1,500 digital payments components, coin validators, bill validators, printers, barcode readers and many other components become instantly ready for incorporation into any kind of self service device, cash management device or general payments device.