Handling and counting coins are a big part of some businesses’ day-to-day activities.

This can be a difficult and time-consuming.

Fortunately, modern coin counting machines and scales can significantly improve processes around them.

Let’s explore how they accomplish this.

What are coin counting machines?

Coin counting machines are automated devices that efficiently count large quantities of various coin types.

They usually rely on sensors and sorting mechanisms to calculate each coin’s value before storing them for easy handling. This technology picks up on different denominations’ dimensions.

This reduces counting errors and the time and effort needed for manual processes in organizations such as banks and retail stores.

What are coin sorting machines?

Coin sorting machines are automated devices designed to categorize coins by denomination.

They can efficiently sort large quantities of mixed coins into separate storage compartments. This is achieved through the use of sensors, rotating discs or slides to identify coin size and other dimensions.

They streamline the process of organizing and preparing coins for banking, vending, or retail businesses. This reduces manual effort and improves accuracy or coin storage processes.

Coin counting vs coin sorting machines

Coin counter machines and coin sorting machines have related yet distinct roles in coin processing.

The function of a coin counter is to efficiently tally the total value of mixed coins, counting various denominations without necessarily sorting them. In contrast, a coin sorting machine is primarily designed to categorize coins based on denominations.

However, coin counters are sometimes equipped with coin sorting capabilities, and vice versa.

What are coin counting scales?

A coin counting scale is essentially a type of coin counting machine that measures and tallies coins by gauging their weight.

They are calibrated to accurately weigh individual coins and collections of them. This enables efficient counting of large volumes of coins.

They are often used in banks, retail outlets, vending machines, and other environments that require frequent coin handling.

Coin counting machines vs coin counting scales

Coin counting machines automate the counting process by sorting coins into denominations without considering their weight, whereas coin counting scales determine value solely through coin weight without individually counting them.

PayComplete’s coin sorting solutions

PayComplete provides a range of coin counters and coin sorters, from simple desktop models to advanced sorting machines used in government mints.

Our machines are developed by coin sensor technology specialists and guarantee precision and effectiveness. They are ideal for use in retail and cash centres.

We also provide machine servicing software, which aids cash center operators in further enhancing efficiency and maintaining seamless operations.


Coin counting machines offer efficient currency counting solutions for businesses that regularly handle coins. They automate counting or sorting processes and reduce manual efforts.

One type of them is a coin weighing machine. It determines currency values through weight rather than size or other dimensions.

Coin sorting machines, on the other hand, sort coins by denomination. Their primary goal is to organise coins rather than coin counting. However, many do count and sort coins, too.