Coins still play a vital role in many businesses’ everyday transactions, even in our digital age.

But counting them by hand them can be an error-prone and time-consuming process.

Luckily, coin counting scales can solve this.

Let’s look at how they work, reduce manual processing errors, and more.

What are coin counting scales?

Coin counting scales are devices that accurately identify and count coins by weighing them.

They are calibrated to recognize the specific weights and quantities of different types of coins. This allows individuals or businesses to quickly and accurately count large volumes of coins.

How do coin counting scales work?

Coin counting scales utilize finely calibrated load cells that generate electrical signals to accurately measure the applied force on the scale.

These are integrated with tables of weights for various denominations that are programmed into the machines.

They calculate the total value of coins by dividing the total weights by the weights of individual denominations. Then they convert and display the corresponding monetary value.

This sophisticated system accommodates various coins and bagged or bundled collections of them.

Examples of coin weights: One penny (UK) and one cent (US)

Most coins around the world have a precisely manufactured weight.

The standard one pence coin in the UK weighs approximately 3.56 grams (or 0.0078 lbs). And the US cent typically weighs 2.5 grams (or 0.0055 lbs).

Coin counting scales vs. coin counting machines: What’s the difference?

Although coin counting scales can be considered a type of coin counting machine, they differ from regular coin counting machines.

Coin counting scales rely on a weighing mechanism to measure coins. By contrast, coin counting machines typically use sensors and other technology to count coins by measuring their quantities and dimensions – they don’t weigh the coins.

What kind of businesses use coin counting machines?

Coin counting machines are vital to many industries where handling coins is a regular part of day-to-day operations. These businesses include but are not limited to:

  • Banks
  • Retail stores
  • Vending machine operators
  • Casinos
  • Currency exchanges
  • Arcades
  • Government mints

PayComplete’s coin counting solutions

PayComplete offers an assortment of coin counters and sorters, ranging from basic desktop models to high-speed, intricate sorting equipment used in government mints.

Crafted by experts in coin sensor technology, our hardware ensures accuracy and efficiency. And our software optimizes processing and maintains smooth operations.


Coin counting scales compute weight values accurately for efficient coin tallying. They are used across a broad range of industries and different-sized businesses

They have coin weight values programmed into them and integrated with calibrated scales. This enables them to efficiently and accurately count coins.

They are different to regular coin counting machines, of which they are essentially a type.

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