Note Counters & Sorters

As desktop devices, PayComplete’s note counters and sorters count and validate a bundle of notes. The machines count the total amount, validate the notes to check for counterfeits, and perform currency discrimination to sort and separate notes. Our devices enable faster, more efficient cash processing operations.

A complete solution: devices, software, and services

Note counters and sorters can be integrated with Connect and VaultConnect, giving operators online visibility into transactions and cash stores, as well as low-cost automation and powerful reporting capabilities.

SC-1600 Cash Counter

The SC-1600 currency counter counts and validates notes by detecting counterfeits using magnetic ink recognition and ultraviolet light to verify banknotes’ authenticity.

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SC-8100 Cash Counter

The SC-8100 uses the latest sensor technology to securely find known counterfeits while also offering regular value counting of currency and documenting counting functions.

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The SC-8220VC, a 1+1 pocket value and multi-currency counter, makes cash handling easy and secure with two options to count and sort multiple currencies.

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SC-1101/1102 Cash Security Feature Detector

The SC-1101 and SC-1102 use twin-lamp counterfeit detection technology to verify banknotes, checks, ID cards, and passports, quickly and effectively.

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