Coin Counters & Sorters

PayComplete’s range of coin counters and sorters include everything from simple desktop count counters to faster, more complex coin sorters to enterprise-grade coin processing and sorting equipment used in government mint and coin issuing operations. Our reliable hardware is built by Scan Coin, a pioneer in the coin sensor and processing industry, ensuring speed and accuracy in a variety of applications, such as retail back office, vending route operations, cash centers, banks, or mints.

A complete solution: devices, software, and services

Cash center operators can take advantage of comprehensive machine servicing software that enables service engineers to maintain throughput and keep machines running smoothly.

ICP Active-9 High Speed Coin Sorter

The ICP Active-9 high-speed coin sorter incorporates our unique Active Sorting® coin processing technology and advanced sensor control for intelligent coin processing and automated cash management.

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ICX Active-9 High-Speed Coin Sorter

Our strong, compact active coin sorter combines speed and accuracy to process medium volumes of coin without compromising reliability and capability. ICX Active-9 is perfect for businesses that manage medium volumes of coins but need the outstanding ...

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SC-3003 Coin Counter

Developed specifically to count large volumes of coin at a fast rate, the SC-3003 is a high-capacity coin counter with a variety of smart functions that are appreciated by thousands of users worldwide.

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DTC Series Coin Sorters

The DTC series features our ultimate coin sorters with proven sensor technology for reliable and modern cash processing.

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SC-350/360 Coin Counter

The SC-350 and SC-360 count up to 3,000 coins per minute, offering universal currency counting for businesses that need to count, verify, and bag coins or tokens. Easy coin rail access makes machine checks and service simpler than ever.

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SC-303/313 Coin Counter

The SC-303 and SC-313 are real time-savers for reliable, fast coin processing, counting up to 2,700 coins per minute. These coin counters are so compact that they easily fit wherever businesses need to use them.

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