SC-93365 Coin Lift

Coin lifts for feeding large volumes of loose coins from a hopper to any kind of coin sorting, coin counting or coin packaging machine.

The SC-93365 coin lift offers the same durability and ease-of-use as the SC-93420 but without the hopper. The SC-93365 utilizes coin wagons, which allows the machine to process large volumes of coins.

Available for a diverse range of machines, counters, and sorters. Customized models available on request.

  • Handles large volumes of coins
  • Sensor control
  • Flights of wear-resistant stainless steel
  • Transparent plastic cover on vertical lift
  • Equipped with wheels to make it easy to move
  • Fully customizable upon request
  • Offers increased personal safety for maintenance and operations
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Easy operation, monitoring, and comfort
  • Easy service access
  • Suitable for a wide ranges of machines and industries
SC-93365 Coin Lift
Feeding speed
Up to 4,000 coins/minute
Total height
1.600 m (63 in.)
Outlet height adjustable
850 – 1,350 mm (34 – 53 in.)
70 kg (154.3 lb)