MyLaundry Laundromat System

MyLaundry combines the benefits of MIFARE® technology and the WorldKey cashless system for self-service laundromats. It is capable of managing up to 32 different washing machines and dryers.

  • Simplified user interface: alphanumeric display and keyboard
  • Optional credit card reader
  • MIFARE® card/key reader to manage bonuses, happy hours, and promotional campaigns to increase customer loyalty
  • Evolved machine interface:
  • KPM to control four appliances (up to 16 washing machines or dryers)
  • RIO to control eight appliances (for four interfaces and up to 32 washing machines or dryers)
  • Ethernet connection for programming and accounting management
  • Front opening locking door
  • Locking cash compartment
  • Wall mounted through the provided bracket
  • Recessed by using the optional flange
  • Simple user interface delivers reliable user experience
  • Flexible payment options, including cash, credit/debit card or with the WorldKey range of cards, keys, or tags
  • Compatible with most contactless cards in the market
Size (LxHxD)
456 x 764 x 267 mm
50 kg
Power supply
230 VAC
Power consumption
120 VA
Operating temperature
5°C – 50°C