WGR Coin Carousel

The WGR Coin Carousel both stores coins and acts as an escrow, returning rejected coins and serving as a payout mechanism.

A bidirectional drive motor powers the coin carousel as coins enter the device through an electromechanical shutter. Three optical sensors monitor the coin entrance, motor, and shutter positions.

  • LiFo (Last-In/First-Out) escrow function
  • Coin overflow to the cash box
  • Three optical sensors monitor coin entrance, motor, and shutter position
  • Three coin channels for acceptance, overflow and reject
  • Modular design is flexible and allows for a complete coin storage and payout system.
  • Fifty-three compartment carousel holds up to 50 coins in escrow.
Insert several WGR carousels on top of each other to easily build a complete coin-handling system. Each separate coin value is assigned to a separate magazine. An optional CPU controls the whole process and drives the magazines.
WGR Coin Carousel
Size (LxHxW)
230 x 184 x 46 mm
Coin capacity
50 (53 coin slots)
Coin size range
11 – 33.3 mm diameter, 3.3 mm max thickness
Power Interface
12 C Bus
Power Voltage
24 VDC – 5 VDC
Power Current
24 VDC 1A 5 VDC: 500 mA
TTL level
“Open collector” active low
Operating temperature
5°C – 50°C

The major design innovation of the WGR is the 53-compartment carousel that can hold up to 50 coins. The carousel’s mechanical design allows all coin handling to take place within this unit. The WGR’s modular design allows several carousels to be placed on top of each other using a simple rack construction for a complete coin storage and payout system.