Touch PRO Car Wash Multi-Device

With state-of-the-art technology, the Touch PRO multi-device streamlines both the customer and operator experience. Intuitive touchscreen interface and automated support options deliver a user-friendly service while the marketing and security options provide opportunities to increase revenue.

  • Touchscreen interface
  • Visual and audio support for customers
  • Accepts payment in coins, banknotes, tokens, cards/keys and bank cards (optional)
  • Dispenses keys, cards, and tokens
  • Management of promotional campaigns based on discounts and special offers
  • Incentive to stimulate users to purchase higher price/quality programs
  • Printing of limited-time promotional tickets to increase customer visit frequency
  • Barcode scanning to manage promotions, bonuses and discounts
  • Differentiated pricing per payment method (cash or cashless)
  • Automatic email for alarms
  • Automated emails for accounting
  • Print daily accounting reports by means of a special barcode
  • User-friendly touch screen interface allows for easy sales operations as well as accounting data configuration and collection
  • Increase customer loyalty and profits through easy-to-manage, flexible promotional campaigns
  • Security options protect your business investment and increase your revenue
Touch Pro Accessible Cabinet Mount
Touch Pro Wall Mount
Size (LxHxD)
560 x 1.677 x 551 mm
512 x 804 x 562.7 mm
81 kg
53 kg
Accessible cabinet mount
Wall mount
Power supply
230 VAC
230 VAC
Operating temperature
5°F – 122°F (-15°C – 50°C)
5°F – 122°F (-15°C – 50°C)
Humidity (non-condensed)
10 – 90%
10 – 90%