RCS-400 2.2 Coin Recycler

The RCS-400 2.2 Multi-Till solution transforms cash handling into smart cash management, improving operations at all levels. Driven by our easy-to-use Connect on-Device™ machine software, the RCS-400 2.2 automates cash management to provide ultimate financial and operational control of cash flow.

  • Automated floats/banks
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Customizable and flexible Multi-Till system to minimize spillage
  • Compatible with the most common tills on the market
  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Report generation
  • POS, CIT, and ERP integration
  • Optimized availability 24/7
  • Includes the industry-leading Connect on-Device™ cash management machine operating system
  • Part of the PayComplete™ Connect platform
  • Streamlined cash management
  • Improved in-store cash flow management
  • Higher cash security
  • Reduced cash handling costs
  • Reduced shift turnover time
  • Secure, fast & accurate processing
  • Faster reconciliation
  • Complete financial and operational control
  • Optimized CIT deliveries and pickups
RCS-400 2.2
Coins mixed, up to 12 coins/second
up to 40 coins/ second into till
Recycling capacity
16,000 coins
5,500 coins
Total capacity
21,500 coins
Safe grade (security)
2 – 3 mm steel cabinet, key lock security
Size (WxDxH)
23.2 x 19.69 x 45.47 in. (590 x 500 x 1,155 mm)