P66 The Plane Cashless System

The P66 (The Plane) was created to be a cost efficient, multifunctional payment terminal for contactless and mobile transactions. Designed to the European Vending Association’s specifications, the P66 is a rugged terminal that integrates easily with current vending machines, making it less susceptible to vandalism than traditional build-on-top terminals. The stylish design of the P66 card reader has a professional and clean look. A version of the P66 can be placed behind a glass front for added security, making vandalism nearly impossible.

  • LAN, GPRS/3G, Ext. WiFi connectivity
  • MDB, CCI, Pulse, USB, RS 232
  • No wear-and-tear sensitive moving parts
  • Multiple SIM Card providers
  • Freedom to choose your own bank
  • No need to manage bank contracts for transaction processing
  • Remote software updates
  • Future proof design
  • One platform with multiple form factors
  • Vandal proof
  • Waterproof
CPU: Arm 7 processor
Supports Contactless (Tap)

Data Contract: As part of an all-in-one solution, we can also provide a data contract for your terminals. The terminals will be supplied with a GPRS modem, SIM-Card and service contract; creating a real Plug & Play solution that works right out of the box.