ICP Active-9 High Speed Coin Sorter

The ICP Active-9 high-speed coin sorter incorporates our unique Active Sorting® coin processing technology and advanced sensor control for intelligent coin processing and automated cash management.

  • Processing speeds of up to 3,820 coins per minute
  • Nine active outlets/bag holders and one passive reject outlet
  • Active Sorting® to prevent unnecessary stops when coin bag is full
  • Smart transaction setup system manages basic cash center functionalities
  • Vacuum coin feeding system to virtually eliminate coin jams
  • Extremely solid cast-iron construction that is insensitive to vibrations and wear
  • 10.4 in. color screen with customizable interface for ICP Active-9 Flex version
  • Intelligent coin processing
  • Automated cash management
  • Operational versatility to meet unique business needs
  • Maximum productivity and virtually no downtime with Active Sorting®
ICX Active-9
Size (WxDxH)
44.6 x 44.4 x 25.6 in.(1,132 x 1,130 x 650 mm)
617.3 lb (280 kg)
Up to 3,820 coins/minute
Power supply and frequency
120, 220 – 240V, ±10%; 50/ 60Hz
Power consumption
Max-rated current
14 A (120V), 18 A (220 – 240V)
Coin diameter range
0.55 – 1.3 in. (14 – 34 mm)
Coin thickness range
0.04 – 0.2 in. (0.9 – 4.0 mm)