CoinPro 3 MDB Coin Changer

Deliver reliable coin sensing technology with the industry-proven CoinPro 3. With a high acceptance of all coins, this device maximizes pricing flexibility and makes inventory management easy.

  • Simple, straightforward design
  • Industry proven with more than two million sold and still counting
  • Three self-replenishing tubes
  • Reliable coin sensing technology for high acceptance of all coins
  • Changer capacity of $40.55 in nickels, dimes, and quarters to maximize pricing flexibility
  • High or low quarter inventory is maintained automatically to meet location-by-location requirements
  • Streamlined design for easy maintenance and service
  • Reliable payout delivers consistent user experience
  • Industry-proven reliability
  • High coin acceptance rate
CoinPro 3
Power requirements
20 to 42 VDC
200 m amp max
34 VDC, 3.6 amp max at 26 VDC for 100 ms every 500 ms during payout
Max operating
750 m amp max for 1 second each coin accepted
Operating temperature
0°F – 150°F (-18°C – 65°C)
Storage temperature
-22° F – 160°F (-30°C – 72°C)
Relative humidity (non-condensing)
20% – 98%
Operating attitude
Vertical ±3°
Size (HxWxD)
14.81 x 5.28 x 2.86 in. (376.17 x 134.11 x 72.64 mm)
Shipping weight
5.99 lb