Bill-to-Bill 300 XE™ Bill Validator

Combining high acceptance rates and superior counterfeit detection, the Bill-to-Bill 300XE™ holds up to 1000 banknotes. Advanced sensors improve bill recognition and guard against counterfeits, while the device’s modular design allows for easy maintenance.

  • Industry’s first self-centering mechanism
  • 98%+ first-time insertion acceptance rate
  • High speed of acceptance at 2.3 seconds per banknote
  • Up to two high-security locks protect the 1000-note metal cash box contents
  • Modular, easy-to-maintain design with jam clearance in under two minutes
  • Remotely programmable flash memory
  • Quick, reliable payout delivers consistent user experience
  • High capacity bill box increases uptime and reduces service calls
  • Future proof — quick, easy updates and adjustments with remotely programmable flash memory
Bill-to-Bill 300XE™
Size (L x H x W)
168 x 562 x 390 mm
<21 kg
Banknote capacity
  • Three recycling cassettes: 100 – 120 bills each
  • Drop-proof cash box: 1,000 bills
Bill width validated
62 – 82 mm
Bill length
124 mm – 172 mm
Dispensing speed
1.4 second per bill
Power supply
24 VDC
Current consumption
  • Operating mode: 2.7A (4A peak)
  • Standby: 0.7A
Operating temperature
0° – 50°C
Storage temperature
-30° – 60°C, 30% – 90% RH (humidity non condensed)