Recyclers manage cash deposits and withdrawals from a secure safe, including all transaction-related data, as well as user access and permissions. PayComplete machines allow operators to optimize their working capital by providing historical data that helps determine an optimal till mix of bills and coins. Our recyclers help reduce the complexity and costs of cash management.

A complete solution: devices, software, and services

PayComplete’s Connect gives operators an in-depth view of cash operations, enabling them to conduct comprehensive cash assessments and automate cash rooms. For retailers, our RetailConnect solution features the industry’s most comprehensive loss prevention tools for both PayComplete and third-party recyclers.

RCS-400 2.2 Coin Recycler

The RCS-400 2.2 Multi-Till solution transforms cash handling into smart cash management, improving operations at all levels. Driven by our easy-to-use Connect on-Device™ machine software, the RCS-400 2.2 automates cash management to provide ultimat...

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RCS-800 Coin Recycler

The RCS-800 optimizes cash management to help operators to get the most out of their workforce. Our smart cash recycler efficiently cycles cash throughout the business, from internal cash handling to CIT operations, so operators can take control of t...

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RCS-Active Coin Recycler

Powered by our Active Sorting® technology, RCS-Active is the coin solution that can operate with the world’s most complex coin sets. With the ability to accept and recycle multiple currencies, our high-speed coin recycler ensures maximum uptime an...

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RCS-700 Cash Recycler

The RCS-700 couples high-speed efficiency with large storage capacity, so operators always have the right amount and denominations of cash on hand. Smart sensors reduce costly, disruptive maintenance and downtime, allowing operators to focus on other...

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CDS-9R Coin Recycling Kiosk

The CDS-9R is the world's first self-service coin recycler for public use to optimize the cash management process. This two-in-one self-service cash solution is a convenient one-stop-shop for both bulk cash deposit and dispense, eliminating the need ...

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